Love is stronger than hate. The story of gay survival in Russia and Ukraine

It’s dangerous to be ourselves here but we won’t give up.
Boxers Gay Sports Bar New York

Boxers, America's Gay Sports Bar Flexes Its Muscles, Adding Two More NYC Locations

Boxers celebrates a knock out 2018 with a sexy new and FREE beefcake calendar.
Epiphany-14 copy

Happy Epiphany... Bad Girl of Hip Hop Infuses "Love and Light" In 2018

“Especially now, with all the sh*t going down in Washington, we need all the positive energy we can get," says Epiphany Mattel.
Gay Christmas Screenshot Tom 2 small

When It's Hard to Go Home for the Holidays

As millions of us head home for the holidays, too many LGBT people struggle to be accepted by their families and childhood friends. Who we are causes tension with those we love. 
JB Ghuman, Jr. 5 copy

Out Director of "Spork" Urges Everyone to “kEEp scrEEming”

Out film director JB Ghuman Jr.'s kEEp scrEEming is a detailed journey on how to build the Merkaba, the divine light vehicle ("Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, ”Ba" means Body) that helps the enlightened connect with others also in tune with higher realms.

The Gay of Christmas Past

This holiday visitor has a message for LGBT Millenials!
amanda lepore

Amanda Lepore Whips Fans Into a Frenzy in "Buckle Up"

"Buckle Up" is the first original solo release from the world’s mega-famous transsexual since “I…Amanda Lepore,” her acclaimed 2011 album.

Feature Film - Anathema by Derek Vitatoe

Derek Vitatoe's social justice independent feature film, Anathema, will make its debut at the LAEMMLE ROYAL theatre during the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival next Wednesday, November 1 at 2pm.. tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at: Anathema Trailer: Please come out and support this great film!

Pennywise and Babadook Engagement Video

"it's really weird being the new Hollywood 'It' Couple"
married men coming out

Have Married Men Been Coming Out to Their Wives as Gay?

This issue is very real and it's something that has been occurring more and more despite cultural, social, and political commentary and movement.