Feature Film - Anathema by Derek Vitatoe

Derek Vitatoe's social justice independent feature film, Anathema, will make its debut at the LAEMMLE ROYAL theatre during the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival next Wednesday, November 1 at 2pm.. tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at: Anathema Trailer: Please come out and support this great film!

Pennywise and Babadook Engagement Video

"it's really weird being the new Hollywood 'It' Couple"
married men coming out

Have Married Men Been Coming Out to Their Wives as Gay?

This issue is very real and it's something that has been occurring more and more despite cultural, social, and political commentary and movement.
escaping freedom film

Sexy Gay-Themed Indie Film 'Escaping Freedom' goes into Production

“This film will be challenging, poignant, intimate, and very, very sexy.”
Indiana Indie Movie

Timely New Movie Portrays Race & Sexual Orientation in the Trump Era

Want to help make the film? Just click "Follow" on Andrew Paul Davis' campaign on!
test movie brock yurich

This New Movie Gets Intimate with Bodybuilding, Steroids, & Being Gay in Smalltown USA

Want to help make an LGBT/Bodybuilding Film? Just click the link and click "Follow" on Brock Yurich's campaign on!

‘LGBT heaven’ to be established in the Gulf of Thailand?

Seems like there's going to be one more tolerant counrtry, yay!
Shane Ortega

First Openly Trans US Soldier Shane Ortega Dishes the Real T on Trump’s Ban

Shane Ortega was the first uniformed service member to come out publicly as transgender while actively serving in the US Military.
Chicago Dyke March

The Chicago Dyke March Has Lost the Narrative

The Chicago Dyke March organizers have decided that you cannot be both proudly gay and want to fight for those rights AND be pro-Israel.

Why Nepal Doesn't Need a Gay Pride March

In the 'West' LGBTI love Gay Pride March while in the 'East' we celebrate traditional festivals.