Abraham Lincoln Relative Konrad Juengling Endorses Idaho's Paulette Jordan for Governor

Gay activist and Lincoln relative Konrad Juengling has endorsed Paulette Jordan, the Democratic nominee for Idaho's 2018 gubernatorial race.

Before Grindr, There Was 'Queer Video Date'

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Exploring Sexuality by Being Spiritual

It's important that you understand the connection between the spirit and body that I have just explained in order to know the difference in sex and making love.

Angels in America: Loving A Gay Fantasia on National Themes One More Time.

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Fan Favorite EastSiders is Nominated For 6 Emmy Awards

The Netflix comedy series about a gay couple trying to stay together in the aftermath of infidelity is nominated for 6 Daytime Emmy Awards

Social Justice Strangers

When it comes to checking privilege, they really kill it.

A Letter to Harvey Milk Is a Long Time Coming, But Worth The Wait.

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