Aleksander Samuel

Artist Aleksander Samuel Imagines a Post-Apocalyptic World of Men with Perfect Bone Structure

Aleksander Samuel is a gay artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Influenced…

Drag Race Queens Become Fine Art in Guise: Narrative Portraits by David Ayllon

"I’ve always been drawn to larger than life characters, real or fictitious, and my goal with this work is to create worlds and situations for these drag personas to embody that are as exaggerated and strange and beautiful as they are.
JB Ghuman, Jr. 5 copy

Out Director of "Spork" Urges Everyone to “kEEp scrEEming”

Out film director JB Ghuman Jr.'s kEEp scrEEming is a detailed journey on how to build the Merkaba, the divine light vehicle ("Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, ”Ba" means Body) that helps the enlightened connect with others also in tune with higher realms.
marc martin fenster zum klo

This Photographer Explores the Private World of Gay Sex in Public Toilets

The exhibit featuring photos of gay men in public restrooms was…
dancer glitter jacob plant matthew gibbs

This Dancer Got Covered in Glitter and the Results Are Mesmorizing

Dancer Matthew Gibbs is hypnotic in holographic glitter Glitter…
Coloring Men

Color Your Fantasy with this Coloring Book for Adults who Love Men

Get your colored pencils, pastels, and brushes ready. We are beyond proud to announce that our very first book published by OutBuzz is now ready for purchase!

Sir Ian McKellen Recounts Gay British Childhood in Beautifully Moving Video

Sir Ian McKellen is proudly out so that today's children can be open about their sexuality.
Devin Mitchell Clothing Optional

Clothing Magically Evaporates in Devin Mitchell's Captivating Photos

Clothing magically evaporates to reveal chiseled bods in Devin…
warrencito christmas card

This Illustrator Sent The Perfect Holiday Card We Can All Relate To

Warren Wright is a a talented LA-based artist with a love of…
Disco Cement Mixer

Artist Transforms Cement Mixer into Giant Disco Ball

French artist transforms cement mixer into giant mirrored disco…