On New Show “Bromans” Bros Dress Up as Romans and Strip Down1 min read

Bromans is a new British reality TV show that stars scantily clad bros masquerading as Romans and completing challenges.

The British are bringing reality-TV sexy back! Bromans is what you get when you take eight sexy muscular guys (or should we say blokes) and put them to the test as Roman gladiators. These studs duke it out over reality TV-style with help from their girlfriends to win challenges and prove who has the biggest… shoe size.

Already on the first episode, which aired on TV last week, satisfied viewers were treated to full frontal nudity, jock-strap-laden bodacious butts, and glistening muscles galore.

First the bros arrive dressed as regular lads.

Then, the bros transform into full-fledged Bromans.

In less than 10 minutes, the show already had these buff bros stripping down in front of the camera for their challenge.

The Bromans stood there in their birthday suits while their girlfriends had to win back their clothes.

This is reality TV that we could get used to.

Currently this is only for British TV but we hope they make an American spin off that’s just as juicy.

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