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Brita Filter Joins Ginger Minj and Alaska To Serve Voter Realness2 min read

Brita Filter may have just sashayed away from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but that’s not stopping her from doing what a queen’s got to do. This Tuesday, she will join a fierce cast of queens including Ginger Minj, Jan, Jackie Cox, and Alaska for a special edition of Digital Drag Fest, benefiting Drag Out The Vote™.

Each show is $10.00 and can be viewed from the safety of your home, wherever you are in the world.   Audience size is limited to maintain the intimacy and exclusivity, like it would be at your local drag venue. Also, like in a local drag show, fans can make it rain on the queens. What is even better, it’s all for a good cause as all tips from the evening will be donated to Drag Out The Vote’s voter registration.

Who knows? Your contribution may be the coin that kicks the orange Ooompa Loompa the hell out the oval!

The facts are 100 million people did not vote in 2016. 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ adults is not registered to vote. Youth voter turnout had a historic high in the 2018 midterms… of only 35%.

We must fix this.

Drag Out The Vote™ is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works with drag performers to promote participation in democracy. They educate and register voters at drag events online and offline, by organizing local and national voter activations. Led by fierce drag kings and queens across the nation, the organization advocates for increased voter access and engagement.

Digital Drag Fest’s Drag Out the Vote Day will be Tuesday, April 21. It begins at 6pm EST with Ginger Minj performing her 30-minute show, “Do It Like Dolly.” Have you ever felt like a diamond in a rhinestone world? Well, come join Ginger as she pays tribute to the original country diva, Dolly Parton! Limited tickets still available here.


Brita will then present her show, “You Brita Work” at 7pm EST from her home. Yes, Brita is quarantined in the middle of nowhere in Maine! In her show, broadcast straight from her parent’s basement, Brita plans to turn it out with household items, serving a hilarious, high energy show to chase fans’ worries away.  Limited tickets still available here.

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Following Brita will be Jackie Cox at 8pm, Jan at 9pm, and Alaska at 10pm. For information on all shows, visit