An Eye for an Eye, and a Toe to Be Licked. That’s Parenthood.2 min read

Jacob Perkins, Alton Alburo. Photo by Hunter Canning.

Breeders Review: An Eye for an Eye, and a Toe to Be Licked. That’s Parenthood.

To rotate a play back and forth between a young gay couple awaiting the arrival of their new-born baby, and a couple of frisky young hamsters about to welcome some pups into their little cage-world takes some skill and a lot of guts to attempt.

It’s a complicated balancing act metaphorically speaking, one that pretty much works for playwright Dan Giles. He’s created a bunch of unique and very individuated characters; a few humans to interact, and two very personable hamsters to watch squabble.  All while layering parallels of excitement, love, desire, frustration, and the nervousness that comes with the idea of approaching parenthood.

Alton Alburo, Jacob Perkins. Photo by Hunter Canning.


Playing this all out on a well designed circular platform and an ever- rotating love seat, the two couples interact displaying their high strung dynamics with humor and authentic nervousness. Dean, portrayed by the quirky and very endearing Jacob Perkins, is the future stay at home caregiver of the baby that is on its way.  He’s given up his job and career (although we aren’t given a clue what that was, or how much it means to him) to prepare the home for the child that will be theirs any day now. 

He doesn’t seem to be handling the impending life change all that well, worrying aloud to his straight-laced high school sweetheart boyfriend turned life partner, Mikey, played authentically by the solid Alton Alburo.  They are afraid of what’s to come, not surprisingly, but to what levels or extremes is hard to say.

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As they prepare to have one of their last Sunday nights watching television together over a bowl of popcorn without the responsibility of parenthood intruding just yet, Dean can’t seem to tear himself away from watching the hamsters they are babysitting.  The two hamsters, as it turns out, are not both males, as they were told.  It seems, at least by Dean, that they are having sex.  And much to Mikey’s disappointment, he can’t seem to lure Dean away from staring endlessly into the cage, and fantasizing the love and attachment he is witnessing. (for the full review, click here)

Lea McKenna-Garcia, Fernando Gonzalez. Photo by Hunter Canning.