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Brazilian Footballers Fired After Gay Locker Room Sex Video Goes Viral1 min read

Four Brazilian Football (soccer) players have been fired over a gay locker room sex video that went viral. See the video below.

Brazilian Sport Club Gaucho is not happy after a video emerged online involving four of its players engaged in gay sex acts in a locker room.

The video was filmed last Friday, June 30, 2017, and has since gone viral. The club decided to rescind the contracts of the four involved, as published in Marca.  In the video, one of the players in seen jerking off two other players while the fourth films the video.

After the incident, Club Gaucho social media took to posting biblical messages and reflective statuses. “There are moments in life where the best thing you can do is stay quiet, just watching the events,” says one of the updates. (“Hay momentos en la vida en que lo mejor que puedes hacer es quedarte callado, solamente observando los acontecimientos”).

Club Gaucho claims decision to terminate players over sex scandal not homophobic

President of the club Gilmar Rosso said that the decision to fire them was not homophobic. “If the video was of heterosexual character, the same decision would be taken,” Rosso said in an interview with Zero Hora.


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