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Boy Butter is Back with a Sexy New Ad1 min read

This Farmboy is Coming to Get You Churnt!

Boy Butter is back with a new commercial following its censored spot from last year.

Last year Boy Butter wouldn’t stand down after Comcast Chicago censored Boy Butter’s ad spot. “We pointed out the hypocrisy of banning a gay themed ad and stood up for ourselves and gay visibility,” Boy Butter CEO Eyal Feldman said. “We like to think we leveled the playing field for future gay advertisers to speak to a larger mainstream audience, especially in the midwest.”

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For this year’s boy butter churner, the company conducted a contest to find the new face of Boy Butter. The winner was NYC Go-Go hearthrob Sam Lemar. “This adonis is half-black, half-white and 100% hot and gyrated his way into all of our hearts and most circuit parties, literally blowing away the competition,” added Eyal.

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The commercial will air during RuPaul’s Drag Race. Even though most of the audience that watches the show is actually straight, Boy Butter chose to air the commercial during the dragulous show as it’s the most popular and influential gay TV show ever created.

“This show has helped spread gay culture and Boy Butter to more homes than we could ever imagine and as part of RuPaul’s mission we want to help fight the friction in everyone’s lives and disseminate a little gay culture as well, even during the station breaks,” finished Eyal.

The sultry spot was produced by filmmaker Daniel Robinson, who produced last year’s controversial ad. He and his fiancé Joshua Green have a vlog on YouTube and were the two monkeys who were engaged on the wicked stage 2 years ago.

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Watch the Boy Butter Commercial Featuring Sam Lemar