Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual ‘Manwhores’ Are Tearing Our Cities Apart1 min read

Beware the Viscious Manwhores Shouting Obscenities!

Satire site, had us lolzing up our nonfat pumpkinspice lattes while reading this article about the emerging manwhore epidemic sweeping the country.

These are the so-called “manwhores,” a new breed of radical homosexual degenerates who pursue carnal chaos with a shocking ferocity. They gather at dive bars where they swap boys, blunts and bitchiness with equal abandon. Later, they’ll roar down the avenues hell-bent for mischief. They demand attention and that’s exactly what they get.— Stephenson Billings

Gay Bar

The manwhore clubhouse is always a loud, raucous place. Marijuana smoke hangs heavily in their air. The walls are black, the lights are dim. Hairy chested go-go dancers gyrate on makeshift stages. There will be a saucy, wisecracking barkeep who is charged with maintaining the vodka-induced stupor of the crowd. The roar of gossip here revolves around the reproductive organs of possible conquests. Girth and length, curvature and angularity, foreskin and stamina, all are hotly debated at the homosexual dive bar.— Stephenson Billings


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