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This New Photo Series is a Feast for Foot Lovers2 min read

BIG FOOT is a photography, art and fetish project.

Brazilian photographer Tarcisio Generoso has his foot in the door photographing big feet. The photos explore eroticism, domination, submission and worship to the protagonist of the project—the foot. In addition to the photos, the project also includes testimonials and stimulating fantasies.

To help Tarcisio produce the photography project and grab a copy of the book, you can go here: Big Foot Project.

Big FootTarcisio Generoso

An Image from “Big Foot”

“Over 4 years of capturing images, I developed a peculiar interest in this member of the human body,” explains Tarcisio. “I never thought that one day feet would excite me. I honestly even hesitated when I was invited by Carlos, the executive producer, to participate in the project.”

More than 50 Brazilian men were photographed, including models, actors, singers, and even some who had not previously been photographed.

Big FootTarcisio Generoso

An Image from “Big Foot”

“This project ended up taking a course I never imagined.” notes Tarcisio. “In addition to being the photographer, I ended up becoming a model in some essays. I was photographed by some of the models as well as by other professional photographers. I titled this part, ‘On the other side of the camera’; where I can show not only my vision as a photographer but also express sensuality with my own images and my own feet.”

Big Foot

An Image from “Big Foot”

In first edition only reflects Tarcisio’s personal ideas and fantasies. He is looking for more participants for the upcoming editions. “Throughout the next editions, however, the intention will be to meet more and more requests, incorporating the most diverse fantasies of those who wish to participate and collaborate.”

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You can follow Tarcisio on Instagram for more images and to contact him about his upcoming book.