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Big Dipper on His Love for La Croix, Man Musk, and Confidence7 min read

Big Dipper, aka Big, is a gay-dude rapper and creative force trying to break down barriers every day. And, he should be the new face of La Croix.

Big’s rhymes and songs are many things at once: aggressive, hilarious, confrontational, empowered, and almost always hypersexual. Take this string of lyrics from Big’s most recent single, Chunkita:

“I see you fall in lust,

After all of me, the shape of my gut,

Feet wide 13s, my weight a plus,

Plus sized a must,

Trust I’ll make you bust with my robust thrust.”

Big Dipper is a completely unashamed (and why shouldn’t he be?) “plus-sized” queer man. In a world of constant gym goers with 8-pack abs, hairless chests, and shiny teeth all over Instagram and pool parties in Mykonos, Big stands out as a hefty, hairy, hot boi, representing the sexiness of extra-body. It’s easy to compartmentalize him into a certain “gay tribe,” but doing that just because he sports a beard or has a propensity for musk, won’t help you get who he really is. His sexuality, like all of our sexualities, is multifaceted and comes from many stripes on our rainbow flag.

Big’s also recently found some virile fame with his tune “LaCroix Boi” and is currently out in LA working on Willam’s new Fullscreen show, Suck Less.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Big Dipper. And yes, I have a kindacrush.

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