Bianca del Rio Teaches for Her Life in “Hurricane Bianca”1 min read

Batten down the hatches, Hurricane Bianca and a host of drag favorites are rolling through.

The camp and goofiness are higher than RuPaul’s wigs in this refreshingly silly flick with a good message. “Hurricane Bianca” features a host of drag favorites including “Drag Race All Star” Alyssa Edwards Willam Belli, Joslyn Fox, and Shangela. Alyssa Edwards slays the camera without stealing the show and the cameos by RuPaul, Margaret Cho and Alan Cumming are a treat. Rachel Dratch plays opposite Roy Haylock as the full-of-it teacher that wants to take Bianca down. She tried it.

Richard (Roy Haylock) is sent to teach in Texas, but is quickly fired from the school for being gay. Instead of returning to NYC with his tail between his legs, he dons drag and transforms into Bianca Del Rio. Only she can take revenge and put the school and its students in their rightful place.

Palace is Burning