Gays Are Worth More Points in Berghain [Ze Game]2 min read

A new board game is in the works that gives players the power to be the Berghain Bouncer, A.K.A. “The Most Powerful Man in Germany.”

For the uninitiated, Berghain is Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub and partiers stand in line for hours to get in. Selection is notoriously fierce and people getting turned away at the door is a regular occurrence. The massive club has a large gay following.

The Line at Berghain

The Line at Berghain

In Berghain [Ze Game], your job is to let the right people into legendary Berlin techno club Berghain. Take turns as the most powerful man in Germany and learn more about gay culture in the process!—Berghain Ze Game

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A Swedish designer duo is behind the game that’s going to launch on Kickstarter soon and we can’t wait!

The premise of the game is take the helm as one of Berghain’s legendary bouncers and foster the right mix of people. Tons of people of all types waiting on line to get in and you have to let the cool kids in the keep the tourists out. Let the most right people in and you win the game.

How to Play the Game

“Players have action cards on hand and guest cards are placed on the table. Guests include Hipsters, Gimps, Bloggers, Fag Hags, College Kids, Narcs, Bears, Cubs, Stoners, Club Kids and lots more. Guest cards form a line in front of the Bouncer and they score between –2 and +5.  There are five guest categories and the pink cards are the most valuable. The player with the best guests (most points) when the line is empty, wins the game. That’s it. ”

Gays Are Worth More Points in Berghain [Ze Game]

The highest value cards are all types of gays including Leather Daddies, Queens, Cubs, Bears and even Fag Hags.

Guys, You Need to Stop G-ing the F' Out

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Tourists on the other hand are worth negative points.

berghain ze game tourist card