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The Parisian Woman: A Modern Dangerous Liaisons – D.C. Style.

The Parisian Woman: A Modern Dangerous Liaisons – D.C. Style. By Ross for frontmezzjunkies I’ve never really thought about Uma Thurman with any particular strong opinion of her as an actress. I’ve enjoyed her in some of the films such as “Dangerous Liaisons“, “Gattaca“, the spectacular award-winning “Hysterical Blindness“, even the charming and very likable […]

LCT’s Junk: Lots of Money Spent on Some Good Junk.

JUNK, by Ayad Akhtar, directed by Doug Hughes.  Photo Credit: T Charles Erickson. LCT’s Junk: Lots of Money Spent on Some Good Junk.  By Ross This is a story of Kings, or so we are told. But not the kind of Kings that we would look up to with respect. Definitely not noble ones or gracious […]

The Band’s Glorious (Re) Visit to Bet Haatikva and My Heart.

The Band’s Glorious (Re) Visit to Bet Haatikva and My Heart. By Ross Last December at the Atlantic Theater in Chelsea, I was mesmerized. The Band’s Visit was nearing the end of its short Off-Broadway run and I was lucky enough to squeak in before closing. The musical, that is now making its Broadway debut is absolutely and quietly devastating in its magnificence. It has a beauty to its sadness, and a sense of goodness […]

The Movie Musical: Hello Again, A Sexual Merry-go-round and A Ronde.

Hello Again, and Ronde and Ronde We Go. Arriving into selected movie theaters nationwide, Hello Again, a movie musical casually based on the 1897 French play, La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler is a bit of a frustrating nut to crack. Being very familiar with the play (it was done by the senior year when I was a young theatre […]

M. Butterfly: The Western Man Says “Yes?”

M. Butterfly: The Western Man Says “Yes?” By Ross In some ways, I think I’m very lucky. At least in this one particular way that I have never seen M. Butterfly on stage before this evening (nor have I seen the 1993 film starring Jeremy Irons). Not that I wouldn’t have most likely loved the Tony Award winning Best […]