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MTC’s The Children: A Bloody Good Question Needs an Answer.

MTC’s The Children: A Bloody Good Question Needs an Answer. By Ross The atmosphere within that off-balanced living space in that old English cottage is downright tense.  There is a bloody strong animosity hanging over these two older women as they politely play catch up in the Royal Court Theatre transfer of the play, The Children by Lucy Kirkwood (2017 […]

The Greatest Showman: Hood-Winked by the Master Manipulator.

From the moment this splashy big movie musical begins, we know we are in for a highly visual extravaganza starring the showman of all showman, Mr. Hugh Jackman (“Les Miserables”) as legendary circus man, P. T. Barnum. The casting seems pretty spot on with the wonderful Michelle Williams (“Manchester By The Sea”) as paramour and […]

NYTW’s Hundred Days: To The Band’s Play, We Say “Yes”

Dani Markham, Abigail Bengson, Colette Alexander,, Shaun Bengson, Jo Lampert. All photos by Joan Marcus. NYTW’s Hundred Days: To The Band’s Play, We Say “Yes” By Ross The set-up is familiar. When we arrive, it feels like we have all come together to hear a band play, rather than to hear a band’s play. Let alone, […]

“Descriptions are Lies”, But Describe the Night is Truly Poetic.

Descriptions are Lies, But Describe the Nightis Truly Poetic. By Ross As those first words are spoken over the sounds of crickets and the cello playing softly in Rajiv Joseph’s new play at Atlantic Theater, the simple poetic beauty of the moment fills the space with a glorious openness of possibilities. It gives no indication about what […]