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Review: Come From Away on Broadway

I saw this magnificent show in Toronto last December.  And I was just as excited to see it last week on Broadway.  Come From Away is definitely one of my favorite new musicals of this year, and I’ve been talking it up to anyone who will listen.  When I speak of this show to someone who doesn’t […]

Review: Kid Victory at the Vineyard

At first glance, the musical, Kid Victory (book and lyrics by Greg Pierce; music by John Kander), is not a story that begs to be made into a musical. Nothing of the plot screams, write a song about this. And maybe that’s why it packs the punch that it does. It is by no means perfect, and there […]

Review: Sunset Boulevard on Broadway

Sunset Boulevard: It’s Close, Glenn Close, But Not a Bull’s-eye By Frontmezzjunkies.com Glenn Close has returned to Broadway. Triumphantly.  To standing ovations after her big number in the middle of Act II. Starring once again in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard, the show that gave her a third Tony Award over twenty years ago, she is bathing in the adoration that is […]

Review: Yen off Broadway

    I knew it was going to have a bite.  This play falls in a genre of young playwrights, British this time, who write about dysfunctional youth, lost and uncared for, failed by their care givers and the system, acting out, living in squaller.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  The edginess of Anna Jordan’s Yen is blasted at you from the […]

Review: The Tempest at St. Ann’s Warehouse

The Tempest: A Fond Farewell to a Political Prisoner By Ross Walking into the theatre at St. Ann’s Warehouse to see The Tempest has a déjà vue kind of feeling. Returning to visit a familiar place to see some recognizable faces doing some spectacular Shakespeare once again. Like a yearly pilgrimage. And what a happy return it is. […]

Review: The Present On Broadway with Cate Blanchett

  The Present: The Bang is Big but Not Deep By Ross I was looking forward to fireworks on the stage of the Barrymore Theatre when Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh, and the company of the Sydney Theatre Company made their Broadway debut. This stellar company has brought the play, The Present, all the way over here from […]

Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

Dear Evan Hansen: Third Time’s the Charm Dear Evan Hansen: Third Time’s the Charm Well I got my wish. It has arrived. Finally. After seeing Dear Evan Hansen at Arena Stage, Washington, DC in August of 2015, I wrote a review asking the theatre gods to bring this fantastic show to Broadway. The review is simply titled ‘Dear Evan Hansen, Please Come […]

Broadway and Off Broadway Shows to be Excited for: Spring 2017

Broadway and Off Broadway Shows to be Excited for: Spring 2017 I know everyone is all excited about all the Broadway ladies that are on their way to the stage this Spring. I certainly am, maybe more then some of the shows themselves (yes, I’m talking to you, Bette Midler!). We had a lack of big […]