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“American Male” Explores Homophobia and Crushing Masculinity in “Bro Culture” America

MTV-award winning film confronts hazing rituals and hyper-masculinity to show how “bro culture” teaches a culture of stifling masculinity This short film delves into the world of hazing and frat-culture to expose the dangers of hyper-masculinity. The frat boy featured tells us how to live a heteronormative life and be masculine all the while sharing glances […]

Gay “Orthodox Priests” Debut in 2017 NSFW Calendar

Calendar features drool-inducing members of the Orthodox Christian church from the former Soviet Union   Orthodox Calendar started in 2012 to raise awareness and battle homophobia in the post-Soviet areas of the Orthodox Church and regions.The sultry calendar takes an ironic approach to the Church itself, which has been engaged in opposing artistic repression, “questionable […]