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5 Killer Butt Exercises to Make Heads Turn

These five moves will help build glutes and eliminate fanny fat. Imagine you just bought a new pair of jeans that accentuate your backside to the max. You’re walking on cloud nine, thinking everyone’s checking out your bum. Then, just when your confidence is at an all-time high, someone walks by with an ass like […]

How to Stay Motivated While Starting to Work Out

Tips and tricks how to stay motivated while starting to work out. The first step to getting fit is getting yourself to the gym—and getting in the right headspace. Before I started working out regularly, I always wanted to get in shape, but I lacked the motivation, self-esteem, and maybe even the courage to hit […]

Cross-Body Scissors Will Cut You to The Core

These scissors will shred your abs Cross-body scissors are an effective way to target your upper and lower abs as well as obliques all in one exercise. To begin, lie on your back, (c’mon, you’ve done this before), with your hands behind your head and your legs flat on the ground. Perform a semi-crunch and […]