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Canada to Repeal Sodomy Law for Minors

It is currently illegal in Canada to have anal sex under the age of 18 except between a husband and wife Yesterday, November 15th, Canada’s liberal government announced that it will repeal the Canada Sodomy Law, which the government  called a “discriminatory” law against gay youth. Currently, the age of consent for sexual activity in Canada […]

Gay Penguin Dads Have Been Together A Decade Strong

These adorable gay penguins have been together for a solid decade and have fathered a chick. Dotty and Zee are an inseparable couple of Humboldt Penguins who have been faithfully together at the Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven in Bremerhaven, Germany. Zoologists thought the couple was infertile, but a DNA test done in 2005 revealed that Dotty and […]