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This New Photo Series is a Feast for Foot Lovers

BIG FOOT is a photography, art and fetish project. Brazilian photographer Tarcisio Generoso has his foot in the door photographing big feet. The photos explore eroticism, domination, submission and worship to the protagonist of the project—the foot. In addition to the photos, the project also includes testimonials and stimulating fantasies. To help Tarcisio produce the photography […]

Sony Hall Ushers in Inaugural Live Music Event for Gay Community

New life was breathed into New York City’s Queen of Night this weekend at One Night Only, a special live music event that brought New Yorkers under the starlit ceiling of the majestic Sony Hall. The historic venue hosted a magical night filled with high-energy music, endless dancing, and stunning costumes; all of which were […]

These Tat Fails Will Make You Cringe and Lolz

Remember that morning back in college when you were hung over and discovered in the mirror that while you were black-out drunk you got a tribal tattoo of the sun around your belly button? ‘Member? Well It’s time to say goodbye. 1. Laser Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Leave a Scar Don’t fret about that frat tat, laser tattoo […]