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Are Gays Lacing Halloween Candies with Homosexual-Inducing Drugs?1 min read

Warning: Eating this candy will turn even the straightest staunchest Trump supporter into a raging homosexual!

This was initially reported by Liberal Darkness

The CDC has reported a widespread gay predatory threat that may happen at either private or corporate Halloween parties. According to inside sources, ‘lone straights’  are vulnerable to gays who are into them and offer them seemingly innocent candy laced with elicit, homosexual-inducing drugs. The ‘lone straights’ may take the candy out of sheer of politeness only to be transformed into a raging homosexual.

Halloween, commonly known in the homosexual community as ‘Gay Christmas’, is one of the most dangerous days of the year for heterosexual men.

“With drunken bodies showing off glimpses of hard-earned abs flashing beneath ‘Naughty Pharaoh’ or ‘Hunky Cop’ costumes, straight men do not realize that every Halloween gays are eagerly awaiting to see them in these fantasy outfits and to ply them with candies that increase sensuality and blur the lines between homosexual lust and moral behavior, ” according to Liberal Darkness.

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