ANZ Bank LGBTQ HoldTight

This Beautiful Commercial Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes1 min read

The moving commercial for ANZ Bank encourages LGBTQ couples to hold hands in public.

The camera focusses in on LGBTQ couples holding hands in public spaces, like by the pool, parks or a restaurant. However, as soon as they notice other people, their shame or fear kicks in and they immediately pull away from one another.

ANZ Bank LGBTQ HoldTight

The moving clip, complete with a beautifully haunting Philip Glass-sounding soundtrack, encourages LGBTQ people to not be scared to hold tight.

According to a study commissioned by the bank, 94% of Australians and 95% of New Zealanders agree that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, should feel comfortable showing affection in public by holding hands. Only 43% of the Australian LGBTQ community and 39% of the New Zealand LGBTQ community,  however, said they would feel comfortable holding hands with their partner or a date in public.  

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ANZ Bank has been a supporter of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for the past 11 years and has been a sponsor of Auckland Pride for the last five years.

Watch the moving clip for #HoldTight


LGBTQ-friendly ANZ Bank Flaunts Fabulous GAYTMs out for Mardi Gras

gaytm anz bank mardi gras

ANZ bank will also roll out GAYTMs, which are the most faaaaabulous ATMs in the village. Two Oxford Street ATMs will be “holding tight” to coincide with the campaign. As in previous years, all transaction fees from the GAYTMs will go to support Twenty10.

The bank will place two GAYTMs in New Zealand, one at 45 Queen St and one at ANZ Ponsonby along the Auckland Pride Parade route.  ANZ bank will donate 50 cents for every transaction on the GAYTMs to support OUTLine.

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