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An “Older” Jack Tracy Would Like a 20-Something Do Over3 min read

Jack Tracy is best known for his role in the gay series, “History,” where he plays a 30-something lawyer, fresh out of a break up and looking to rebuild his life. The show wrapped it’s second season earlier this summer and is now crowdfunding for season three.

In the meantime, the multi-talented actor is proving he’s a Jack of several trades. His debut album, Older, is out now. It features “Satisfaction,” Jack’s synth-heavy, dance-centric number and the emotionally charged title track, “Older”.

The album tackles topics facing 30-something gay men today: from fighting in the Trump resistance to the community’s obsession with youth.  It avoids songs about late nights out at the club, money, or how tonight is the last night.  As Jack calls it, Older is grown folks’ music.

Why are most 20-something gay men so immature in love?

Jack Tracy:
Because they’re 20-something. Most of us didn’t get to go through all the crazy high school relationships our straight classmates did in their teens. We were just the best friends they cried to. So we have some ground to make up. Plus, you’re talking about a group of people who society historically rejects and are implanted with deep internalized hatred for being who they are, so first attempts to drop the walls, open up, love and trust each other can be a recipe for disaster.

What’s the best advice you have for 20-somethings looking for Mr. Right but always seeming to end up with Mr. Right now?


Jack Tracy: The only Mr. Right is you.

In “Older”, you sing how the world is colder than you thought. What do you mean by that?

Jack Tracy: When I was in my 20s, I was constantly surrounded by funny, vibrant people who were always down for a laugh and an adventure. But as life begins happening to you and you start leaning on the people around you for support, you realize how many of them are only there for good times. It makes you appreciate the infinitely few who actually, truly, care about you. You realize the unfairness of it all, how we’re all really alone in this and just trying to survive. My biggest mistake when I was younger was wasting time and energy on fair weather friends.

How would you sum up the story you are telling in the music video for “Older?”

Jack Tracy: I wanted to display two key themes that seem to run through gay dating life. First, that we never want to settle because there’s always a better guy around the corner. Second, I wanted to show the compartmentalization we do between sex and dating. That we can love and care for someone and yet also want to explore our sexuality. Many of us struggle to integrate both of those things into our lives.

Who are the handsome young guys in the video and where did you find them?

Jack Tracy: Ethan and Darren responded to my casting call and killed their auditions.

Was it important for you to feature an interracial relationship in the music video?

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Jack Tracy: Very. We don’t see it enough. I’d like to get to a point in society where an interracial relationship isn’t a “thing” that we note, it’s just incredibly normal.