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“American Male” Explores Homophobia and Crushing Masculinity in “Bro Culture” America1 min read

MTV-award winning film confronts hazing rituals and hyper-masculinity to show how “bro culture” teaches a culture of stifling masculinity

American Male | YouTube

This short film delves into the world of hazing and frat-culture to expose the dangers of hyper-masculinity.

The frat boy featured tells us how to live a heteronormative life and be masculine all the while sharing glances between him a fellow frat boy.


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The frat boy then begins to tell the story of his childhood and how he had to learn masculinity from those around him so that he didn’t appear feminine.

Between his fear of appearing feminine and the shared glances between him and another frat boy, it becomes apparent that he may be trying to hide that he is gay.


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