Amanda Lepore to Release Tell-All Memoir2 min read

Lepore’s memoir takes us from her boyhood in Cedar Grove, New Jersey through her transformative surgeries and her rise to fame.

Doll Parts,” the memoir of the woman with “the most expensive body on Earth,” will be released in April.

Amanda Lepore Doll Parts Memoir

Doll Parts” gives the reader an intimate look into Amanda Lepore‘s boyhood in Cedar Grove, New Jersey dealing with a paranoid schizophrenic mother. It takes us through trying to make it in New York City, first working as a dominatrix and her performances at the legendary Limelight for infamous “Party Monster” Michael Alig.

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After Amanda transitioned at 17-years old, she shed the skin of her troubled youth, freed herself of an abusive marriage, and came out of her chrysalis as the image of a vintage Hollywood bombshell. It was when the legendary pop culture impresario David LaChapelle waltzed into Amanda’s life and featured her in his iconoclastic photos that she metamorphosed once more—from nightlife butterfly into a globally recognized icon.

If you happen to be young and transgender, then you’re used to people being hateful toward you when all you want to do is exist. Through all the insanity in my life, there was only one thing I could control: myself. On the outside, obviously, but on the inside, too. I focused on not letting other people’s opinions have any effect on me whatsoever, and that’s how I’ve lived my life ever since.” —Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore Doll Parts Memoir

Amanda beautifully rehashes the gory details of her surgical transformations. She details her trip to Mexico where she had her bottom two ribs cracked and shifted in order to achieve her iconic hourglass figure. Amanda’s dozens of operations have cost her more than a million dollars.

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At my funeral, someone had better touch up my lips and foundation before they close the casket. That’s not a beauty tip. It’s a formal request.” —Amanda Lepore

Lepore has invested years into transitioning into the woman that she has always dreamt of being. In “Doll Parts” she goes au natural and removes her makeup, lifts up the silicone and reveals the raw woman who Amanda Lepore really is. She dishes on her childhood, loves, heartbreaks, desires, meteoric rise to fame, and most importantly—her beauty tips!
Amanda Lepore Doll Parts Memoir