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Rupaul’s Battle on the Runway took place earlier this month at DragCon but Ru’s real battle may have just launched inside the pages of Alternative Press Magazine.

In the first-ever Pride issue of the alt rock bible, cover queen Adore Delano unleashes on the veteran drag icon: “I mean, he’s from an older generation and a lot of his comments are out of touch with what’s happening.”

Adore is referring to Ru’s recent disclosure that he likely would not allow a trans contestant who’d had gender confirmation surgery or begun medically transitioning to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  

adore delano

Adore continues: “…seeing that the fans are getting younger and younger, and the culture of drag is becoming a lot more accepting, it’s a really fucked-up way of thinking. Drag really starts with trans women. Those comments are very cringe-y, and every time (RuPaul) says something like that, I end up on the phone with some of my homegirls from the show and I’m like, ‘Girl… she needs to chill.’”

And there’s more!  When asked if the comments make Adore question RuPaul’s cultural legacy, Adore confirms that it does.  “It makes everybody question,” she insists. “We’re all on the phone together saying, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ We can chalk it up to age, but (RuPaul) grew up in the midst of drag, as well. My friend and I were on the phone that morning and we were like, ‘Is she tired? Was she sleeping when she tweeted that? What’s going on?’”

Adore also throws shade at Producer Entertainment Group, her former management that she is suing for two million smackers, telling AltPress, “Most of my homegirls are drag queens, and we didn’t go to business school.  We didn’t know what it was going to feel like to be thrust out there, and make all this money… it’s easy to take advantage of somebody when they’re not used to handling books or business.”

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Adore unpacks it all, from the emotional turmoil of losing her dad last year to what the dating scene is like for a queen.  She also has words to say on Trump and the impact his immigration crackdown is having on her Mexican family in LA, but you’ll need to pick up the magazine to read her comments on that.

AltPress is the flagship publication of the alternative music community.  This marks their first ever Pride issue.

They chose Adore for the cover because, as the magazine’s General Manager/CFO Joe Scarpelli explains,  “While other artists are scared to tackle truth for fear of losing opportunities, Adore demands respect by addressing her feelings head on and standing up for what she believes is right.” 

Additional LGBTQ musicians featured in the Pride issue are Panic! At The Disco, lesbian rocker Julien Baker, Lynn Gunn of PVRIS,  and Tobi Duncan of the U.K. melodic hardcore band Trash Boat.

The special Pride issue of Alternative Press Magazine, featuring cover-queen Adore Delano, is available now. 

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