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The Absolute Best Queer Night in DC – Flashy Sunday1 min read

This President’s Day I had the opportunity to attend the FLASHY Sunday party for the first time at FLASH Nightclub.  While most of the clubs in Washington hold regular events, FLASHY Sundays are celebrated only on Federal Holiday weekends and attract both circuit and EDM queens.  I’d heard the buzz about these parties for several years and now I understand why.  The energy was amazing the music by DJ TWIN and DJ Sean Morris was unique and honestly some of the best beats I’ve heard.  Partygoers from all over the east coast congregated at FLASH with their friends.  What seemed like an endless line of Uber and Taxi drivers from all over DC were dropping people off and creating traffic jams along the U-Street corridor.   Inside FLASH it was just as crazy.  The wild transitions between EDM and circuit beats from the DJ’s, the energy of the party-goers and the creative lighting from party organizers made you loose track of time. 

There is no doubt that FLASHY Sunday’s is the top party in DC during Federal holidays.  If you’d like to experience DJ’s TWIN and Sean Morris for yourself, you’re in luck.  They often play at Cobalt, Town and they will play at the LIGHTS OUT UNDERWEAR PARTY hosted by La Fantasy Productions. 

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