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Abraham Lincoln Relative Konrad Juengling Endorses Idaho’s Paulette Jordan for Governor2 min read

Gay rights activist Konrad Juengling has endorsed Paulette Jordan for Idaho’s gubernatorial race, OutBuzz has learned. Konrad is a relative of President Abraham Lincoln, arguably one of America’s most influential presidents.

Abraham Lincoln, America’s sixteenth president

While researching his family tree, Konrad discovered he and Lincoln shared a common ancestor in Abrahm’s great-grandfather John Lincoln (1716–1788).  John Lincoln is Konrad’s eighth great-grandfather, making Konrad and Abraham relatives. Konrad, who referred to himself as a “genealogy nerd”, tells us the exact relation between him an Old Abe is they are second cousins seven times removed. As our sixteenth president doesn’t have any living descendants, relatives are apparently all that’s left. English actor Ben Miller is a living relative as well. 

Konrad tells us he’s endorsed Paulette Jordan in Idaho’s gubernatorial race, who recently won the Democratic nomination in a runoff against former schoolboard member A.J. Balukoff. Jordan will be facing off against Republican Brad Little, Idaho’s current Lieutenant Governor, in the November 6th election. While A.J. Balukoff won more endorsements going into the May 15th primaries, Konrad voted for Jordan, telling OutBuzz it was an easy decision. 

“Paulette Jordan is progressive, has political experience, and most importantly for me, is an outspoken supporter of queer rights. A.J. Balukoff is more moderate and dog whistled to conservatives that he wasn’t a particular fan of marriage equality.” What Konrad is referring to is an interview where Balukoff was asked “If elected, would you challenge the Supreme Court’s decision on the ability of states to define marriage?” Balukoff responded, “With all of the challenges that Idaho faces, it makes no sense to waste time and taxpayer money challenging an issue that has already been settled.” Pretty lackluster, right? In contrast, Paulette Jordan responded, “As governor, I would not challenge the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. Marriage is a fundamental right for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or geographic location. No one’s home state should preclude them from accessing the same rights and freedoms as their fellow citizens in a neighboring state.” Konrad stated, “With queer Americans still lagging behind their heterosexual counterparts in their rights, we need politicians who don’t just tolerate us – they need to be passionate about protecting an already marginalized community. Paulette Jordan will do that.” 

Gorgeous Men In (and Out!) of Their Boxers

Konrad Juengling in 2017 at a Boise State University football game

Konrad isn’t new to politics or political activism. In 2015, he purchased the URL names of Indiana lawmakers who voted for anti-gay legislation and forwarded them to the Human Rights Campaign. He won the Huffington Post‘s Unicorn of the Week award for his “tech savvy queer activism” for those efforts. Again in 2015, he wrote a satirical children’s book about Jeb Bush titled Jeb’s ABCs, which the Huff Post called “genius” in their review. In 2017, he wrote multiple op-eds (one found here) criticizing Idaho’s lack of LGBT content included in sex education in Idaho schools. 

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