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7 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Erection5 min read

If you have trouble getting it up when you’re getting down, you’re not alone. Here are 7 things that may be wrecking your erection.

You meet that hot scruffy guy at the bar. After a few rounds you head back to his place. Clothes come flying off, you’re aching for it… but he just can’t get it up. Sound familiar? It’s more common than you think! Around 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Certain medical and psychological issues may be behind a guy’s ED, but many times it’s a bad habit or two that can be the softer-than-spaghetti culprit. Let’s review some causes for failing to rise to attention in bed. 

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1. Drinking Alcohol Makes it Hard to Get Hard

Sexy Guy Drinking Vodka

Drinking alcohol fills you with liquid courage so you can put on your slick Don Juan moves—it also makes your dick go limp. Alcohol is a downer and it can dampen your body’s sexual appetite making it difficult to maintain an erection or even reach an orgasm if you’ve had too much to drink.

Habitual Heavy Drinking Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

According to the CDC (and not your drunk-ass friends) heavy drinking is considered drinking more than 2 drinks a day. Say what?! That’s right. After only two drinks a day you already run the risk of long-term to permanent erectile dysfunction.

2. Touching Grocery or ATM Receipts Makes Dicks Limp

receipts BPA erectile dysfunction

As crazy as it sounds, the types of thermal paper and ink used for most receipts are full of bisphenol-A (BPA), which impacts your erection. BPA is a chemical that makes your body pump out more of the female hormone estrogen, among other things. This combined with other BPA-induced hormonal changes, has been proved to downgrade your stiffy to a softy, according to a study from Kaiser Permanente.

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Surprising Sources of BPA

It’s not just grocery or ATM receipts that you have to worry about, but also lottery tickets, airport baggage tags, canned food liners, plastic bottles, plastic food containers, pizza boxes and beer cans. There’s a whole lot more that we won’t scare you about, but just avoid touching those receipts as they’re the number one culprit of BPA getting into your body. Look for reusable plastics that are BPA-free.

3. Steroids Make Your Body Rock Hard Now and Your Dick Spongey Soft Later

steroids erectile dysfunction

Continued steroid use torches your testosterone production in the body. While you’re on a steroid cycle, your body looks great and you feel like superman. Your testosterone levels are soaring and you can get hard just by looking at the ass of that sexy guy doing squats in the corner. But when you’re done with your cycle—even with a PCT or post-cycle therapy—your testosterone levels shrivel up and so does your once-mighty boner.

4. Smoking Kills (Your Erection).


Unless you live under a rock, you already know that smoking causes cancer, emphysema and empties your wallet. But, did you know that smoking is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction for men under 40? Smoking causes your blood pressure to rise and testosterone levels to drop, which may lead to weak or infrequent erections. Cum-guzzlers beware, smoking reduces the volume of semen and even affects the taste.

If you need a 3,548th reason to quit smoking, erectile dysfunction is it!

5. Sitting for Long Periods of Time Is a Boner Basher

guys in office

Sure, desk jobs have their perks, like you get to read this awesome ED article when you should be writing those TPS reports! The average guy in America spends around 13 hours a day sitting down. That translates to roughly 83% of the time you’re awake. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to a whole slew of health problems—including ED. Some doctors have even gone so far to say that sitting is the new smoking.

If you have a job that requires you to site for long periods of time, remember to take breaks, get up and walk around and remain active during the day. Your willy will thank you.

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6. Eating Too Much Sugar and Fat


“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips,” right? Aside from putting on a few pounds, a diet high in sugars and fats can also reduce the quality and duration of your erections. A bad diet can ruin your sex life in a few ways. Aside from the obvious weight gain, eating too much sugar may lead to an increase in aromatase, which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Bad idea. Second, it can lead to high blood pressure and other issues that slow the blood flow to your dick. Cardiovascular health is key to a hard dick and marathon sex.

7. Riding a Bicycle Can Damage Your Erection

cycling erectile dysfunction

If you bike a lot, then you run the risk of putting pressure on your perineum (also called chode / choad, taint, grundle and bonch depending where you’re from). This compresses critical nerves and arteries for supplying blood flow to the penis and can lead to loss of sensation and erectile dysfunction. A narrow bike seat can reduce blood flow to the penis by as much as 66% and even a broad seat may reduce flow up by 25%!

Tips for Protecting Your Precious Jewels While Bike Riding

  • Don’t use a racing seat with a long narrow nose. Make sure the seat is wide and with plenty of padding or gel.
  • Don’t tilt your seat upward, as it increases pressure on your perineum or taint, choad, whatever you call it.
  • Make sure your seat is the right height, so your legs aren’t completely extended at the bottom of your pedal stroke.
  • Shift your position and take breaks during long rides.
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