5 Ways To Stay Fit through the Fall2 min read

Top-notch trainer, Dan Welden, shares his tips for keeping the fat off for fall.

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1. Like business, you should set “SMART” goals.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Realistic, and Time related. Be specific with what you want. Do you want to lose weight? If so, how much? Do you want to gain muscle mass?  Set small measurable goals. You want to add 10 lbs to how much you can curl this month or you want to be able to run two miles without stopping. Make sure your goals are achievable. You will not lose 100 lbs in one month. Be realistic with your goals. Don’t try to become an Adonis in six months. You’ll end up injuring yourself or give up. Give yourself deadlines. By doing so, you will be able to hold yourself more accountable.

2. Don’t make excuses. Excuses are for quitters.

Be the person that inspires others. If you find yourself starting to think of excuses, immediately think of your goals and how you wont hit them if you don’t follow through. Don’t give up! Think of fitness as a marathon not a sprint. There will always be hold-ups and setbacks but you have to fight thought it. You will thank yourself in six month, a year, and longer if you stick with it.

3. Find a picture of someone you aim to look like.

Again, look back to the realistic portion of setting “SMART” goals. Many of these ripped up god like individuals spend hours at the gym and maintain a perfect diet. Unless you’re looking to give up alcohol and takeout, then be realistic with who you idolize.

4. If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid weighing yourself frequently.

The scale can be misleading. Go based on how your clothes fit and how you feel. Weigh your self every couple of weeks to make sure you are on track. If you notice you are not heading in the right direction, review your diet and workout routine and make the necessary modifications.

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5. Let people know what you are doing and have them hold you accountable.

Your friends can help keep you motivated and even go with you to the gym. Having a friend with you helps reduce gymtimidation and holds you accountable. Plus, its way more fun to have someone to checkout people at the gym with.

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