Britney Tattoo Fail

These Tat Fails Will Make You Cringe and Lolz1 min read

Remember that morning back in college when you were hung over and discovered in the mirror that while you were black-out drunk you got a tribal tattoo of the sun around your belly button? ‘Member? Well It’s time to say goodbye.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Leave a Scar

Don’t fret about that frat tat, laser tattoo removal doesn’t usually scar. Laser tattoo removal targets a lower layer of skin where the ink is stored.

Sun Tattoo Belly Button Gay Guy

2. Tattoo Removal Is Completely Safe & Regulated

The lasers used to remove tattoos are safer than the translation of that Chinese tattoo you got. Tattoo-removal lasers are regulated by the FDA and completely safe.

Chinese Tattoo Fails Buzzfeed

3. Black Ink Is Not Harder to Remove

No need to ragret that black tattoo. In most cases it’s even easier to remove than colored inks.

no ragrets

4. Laser Tattoo Removal DOES Work on Dark or Black Skin

Lasers target the ink and not the pigment in your skin. People with even very dark skin can safely and successfully remove tattoos with lasers.

Bad Tattoos Dark Skin

5. The Older The Tattoo The Easier it Is To Remove

Older tattoos are already well healed and the ink is easier to remove and in less sessions.


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