warrencito christmas card

This Illustrator Sent The Perfect Holiday Card We Can All Relate To2 min read

Warren Wright is a a talented LA-based artist with a love of classic comics and fashion illustration.

While I think it’s going to be a tough four years, it will be a great time for the arts.

Warren illustrates humorous personalized cards that are made to order. The gay artist channels his knack for comedic story telling and sense of humor into his unique illustrations. Warren has been crafting these holiday cards for my friends for the past 6-7 years—many who tell Warren that recieving his Christmas card is one of their favorite holiday traditions.

Artist Warren Wright

Artist Warren Wright

Following Trump’s election, Warren immediately knew what his subject matter would be this year. He hopes that with humor we can all help each other work together towards a better future.

“Obviously Trump becoming president has a ton of people unsettled,” Warren told OutBuzz. “Being a gay half Latino I’m one of them. While I think it’s going to be a tough four years, it will be a great time for the arts. Artists will find ways to draw upon their frustrations and turn it into amazing things. I turn to humor.”

The gay artist comes from a multicultural family with a Peruvian mother and Dutch/ German father) which he says has has exposed him to many perspectives on life. He jokes that he wants to be the gay Norman Rockwell.

“I once read an interview with a actress that I liked a lot who said ‘not to get her a card’ because she’ll just kiss it and throw it out. It inspired me to make cards that people wouldn’t want to throw out , but cherish forever.”

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Warren Wright’s 2016 Christmas Card

warrencito christmas card

For inquiries and orders, Warren can be reached at warrencito@gmail.com
Follow him on Instagram @warrencito