15+ Shows You Should Already Have Tickets For, Fall 20173 min read

The Sponge Bob MusicalOriental Theatre
The Sponge Bob Musical – Original Chicago Cast

15+ Shows You Should Already Have Tickets For, Fall 2017

By Ross for frontmezzjunkies.com

Last year, I wrote a blog about the 15 Shows that I was most excited for in the upcoming fall segment of the theatrical season, and it was such a hit with you readers that I thought I’d try it out again.  It feels like a very different kind of fall for me, but in some ways similar. There are a number of BIG shows coming in the spring, and I’ll list them below in the ‘Spring 2018: 10 Shows to Watch Out for’ section, but they aren’t included in the top 15.  It’s obvious that Harry Potter, Frozen, Angels in America, and The Iceman Cometh will be huge ticket sellers, right up there with Hello, Dolly! from last spring. But what will be this fall’s over-hyped and under-whelming The Front Page? or my most loved but slightly ignored Mary Louise Parker vehicle, Heisenberg?  or the star-studded classic but too-quickly gone Othello (I was hoping for a Broadway transfer)? The Band’s Visit is magnificent, but I doubt it will be this season’s Dear Evan Hansen, the Off-Broadway to Broadway transfer hit. So here’s my list of ‘must haves’ and ‘gotta gets’. Some on the list won’t be fast sellers but some are already on their way to being sold out. Be warned.

But first, the following show is not included in my list.  It will be a huge sell out I’m sure, and it will be electrifying on stage, but it’s not ‘theatre’ theatre in my books. But it is an event worth noting. So I hope you already have your code (whatever that means, I’m not in the loop on this one) cause the tickets will go fast:

• Theatre: Walter Kerr
• First Preview: October 3, 2017
• Opening: October 12, 2017
• After a career of more than 40 years, 20 Grammys and an Oscar, legendary musician Bruce Springsteen comes to Broadway with a solo acoustic performance. It is an intimate night with Bruce, his guitar, a piano, and his stories.

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My Top 15 Shows that I’m Most Excited About:

Here’s my list.  It’s order is based on my excitement levels, but if I made this list on a different day when I’m in a different mood, the placements might alter here or there, especially once you start getting near the bottom.  Here’s my 15 theatrical shows that I’m hoping I won’t miss (with an extra 5 that I’m keeping my eyes on, plus one bonus dance show that caught my eye), and neither should you:
 Torch Song @2ST_NYC
1/Torch Song
• Theatre: Second Stage
• First Preview: Sept 26th
• Opening: Oct 19th
• Playwright: Harvey Fierstein
• Director: Moisés Kaufman
• Cast Includes: Jack DiFalco, Ward Horton, Roxnna Hope Radja, Michael Rosen, Mercedes Ruehl, & Michael Urie.
• It’s 1979 in NYC and Arnold is on a quest for love, purpose and family.  He’s fierce in drag and fearless in crisis, and he won’t stop until he achieves the life he desires.

Ross says: I never saw this play on stage, so that’s one of the reasons I’m thrilled by the idea of seeing it now. The tales from those you had seen it sound epic to me. The performances have stayed with them all these years. Fierstein’s work is always so relevant and connective, but the main draw is Urie. Ever since seeing him first in Buyer and Cellar, and lastly in The Government Inspector, (he also directed a witty fun Bright Colors, Bold Patterns) I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan. He’s matured into quite the leading man and actor before my theatrical eyes, so I’m most excited to see what he’ll do here with this mature and smart piece of playwriting.

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Posted on September 19, 2017