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Wide Awake

Sexy Aussie crooner Yanni Burton wakes up and breaks free from stale relationship.
NYC Pride

New York City Gay Pride 2018

NYC Pride 2018 Guide. Find out what parties are going on, where the best place to see the NYC Pride march is, and everything else you need to know about NYC Pride.

Gay news, Gay trends and Gay Entertainment

Stay in the know with what’s buzzing for gay men. We cover gay news, gay trends and gay entertainment. OutBuzz is based in New York, NY and covers gay news across the globe.

Gay News

OutBuzz covers news of interest for gay men. We cover politics that affect gay men and the LGBTQ community as a whole. Gay news pieces range from politics, gay rights, gay marriage, gay relationships. We also cover topics of general interest to gay men like men’s health and fitness, mental health and relationships advice. Other gay news pieces include opinion pieces by independent gay bloggers and gay journalists.

Gay Entertainment

Our gay entertainment news and coverage focusses on celebs, bold-face gays in the local and global gay world, inspirational stories and gay quizzes. OutBuzz covers gay celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Shepard Smith, Lance Bass, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Elton John. We also cover gay entertainment news for people of interest for gay men like Pietro Boselli.

Gay Quizzes

We have gay quizzes like “Which Gay Hogwarts House are You?” for gay Harry Potter fans. We also have gay quizzes like “What is Your Penis IQ” and “How Well Do You Know Your Emoji.”