Britney’s New Video Man-Candy is the Gift We All Needed1 min read

Thank you Godney for delivering us the loveliness that is Sam Asghari

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Thank You Godney For Thine Bounty

Sam Asghari has unleashed his hotness upon us forcing the interwebs into a swoon frenzy! The personal trainer and model appeared in Britney’s video spilling some water, which we would gladly lick up, too!

Watch Full Video of Slumber Party by Britney Spears ft. Tinashe

What we didn’t see in the video is Sam Asghari’s beyond ridic body, which he proudly flaunts on his Instagram.

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Sam Works Out Like a Beast!

What did you think? It comes easy?

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We’d Let Him Score All the Touch Downs He Wants

Looks That Kill!

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf ? #haveasafesaturday

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Sam Is Giving Us All The Gymspiration!

@ironmanmagazine July issue is out! Go check me out on it! ??? Photographer ? @binais

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