volleyball men kiss japan

Japanese Volleyball Stars End Fight with a Kiss1 min read

These Japanese Volleyball Studs Steal a Kiss

We love when men in sports kiss their rivals! After two Japanese male volleyball stars fought from either sides of the court, they ended it with a kiss. The fight broke  out at an all-star Game held at the Japan Volleyball League between chaser Yu Yamamoto, 24, and Takuya Takamatsu, 29. The two disagreed over whether one side had fouled.

volleyball men kiss japan

After they started fighting, Takuya Takamatsu came over to the other side, got up in Yu Yamamoto’s face and planted a kiss right on his lips. Could this be the start of a budding bromance?

volleyball men kiss japan

Takamatsu was quoted as saying that he “loves [Yamamoto] like a little brother.” The reaction has been incredibly positive even though there aren’t any openly gay players in Japanese volleyball. Fans on social media have said this may be the “best sportsmanship ever.”

Watch the video of the Japanese Male Volleyball Stars Kissing


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