hebro jewbilee

Break out the Manischewitz & Bling—The Christmas Eve Jewbilee Returns!3 min read

Hebro is Celebrating the 10th Annual Christmas Eve Jewbilee at Stage 48

hebro jewbilee

This Christmas Eve, gay Jews and the men who love them (“bagel chasers” for the uninitiated) will forego their traditional Chinese food and movies for one crazy night at the 10th Annual Jewbilee in New York.

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The Christmas Eve Jewbilee, which flaunts itself as, “NYC’s hottest party for gay Jews and Bagel Chasers,” attracts over a thousand sexy, circumcised mensches. Expect kitsched-up gogo boys decked out in super-size Chai and Star of David bling necklaces at the largest party for gay Jews west of Tel Aviv.

hebro jewbilee

everyone is welcome, especially the goy-toy bagel-chasers who are looking for something to do after Santa slides down their chimney (or in NYC, their fire escape!)

“While this is marketed as a party for gay Jews, everyone is welcome, especially the goy-toy bagel-chasers who are looking for something to do after Santa slides down their chimney (or in NYC, their fire escape!),” Hebro’s founder Jayson Littman tells OutBuzz.

hebro jewbilee

Music will feature a night of pop hits dance infused latest Israeli pop songs. Since Christmas Eve falls on the first night of Hannukah this year, gay Jewish drag favorite Lady SinAGaGa will lead the crowd in lighting the Menorah (bonus points if you can remember the blessings from Hebrew school).

Gay Jewish Drag Performances

hebro jewbileeAside from the sexy gogo dancers and Manischewitz-wielding shot boys, the Jewbilee wouldn’t be complete without performances by New York’s Kosher kitsch drag queens. Lady SinAGaga will perform a Hannukah number and Miz Cracker, AKA Harlem’s Jewish Princess (and drag-daughter of Bob the Drag Queen) will rile the crowd. Ritzy Bitz, making her Hebro debut performance, is a Drag-acrobat who will tumble throughout the night.  

Frankie Sharp is Serving NYC Nightlife Club Kid Realness

How the Jewbilee Got Started

hebro jewbilee

The Jewbilee accidentally got started 10 years ago when Hebro founder, Jayson Littman planned a Christmas Eve party for 20 friends at Vlada in Hell’s Kitchen. Thanks to the fledgeling Facebook social network, 20 friends turned into 75 friends, and those friends brought their friends, and more than 200 people showed up.

It’s what made me realize that gay Jews want to celebrate this night in a new way,” noted Littman. “It was also amazing to see that gay Jews wanted to socialize this way, and Hebro was formed. The next year, we took over Splash and the party attracted almost 500 people. It kept getting bigger and bigger each year, welcoming Jews and non-Jews alike, and has grown to an event that brings over 1,000 gays who travel from far and wide to come to the largest gay Jewish party outside of Tel Aviv.”  

hebro jewbilee

What’s Hebro All About?

Hebro is a gay Jewish party line that hosts Jewish events in the gay community. The scene is mostly secular Jews who may not prioritize dating within the tribe, but like the opportunity to do so. Hebro produces nightlife events like the Christmas Eve Jewbilee, High Homodays, and Sederlicious, as well as smaller events for gay Jews of all ages. “Even though we market to gay Jews, many non-Jews attend as well,” says Jayson. “We call them bagel-chasers or Kosher queens.”