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Like Trashy Movies? It's Probably Because You're Intelligent

Smart people love trashy movies because they're so bad; they're good
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Complete Guide to Gay Disney Villains

Disney movies are rife with evil stereotypically gay villains

Disney is Paving the Way for Gay Rights in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are two legal depictions of gays: repenting…
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New Clip Released for "Call Me by Your Name"

"Call Me by Your Name" is being called the gay drama of 2017 Check…
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Watch the Dark & Sexy New Trailer for "Beach Rats"

"Beach Rats" is a new dark and sexy film that explores the pains…
Call Me By Your Name Trailer

Call Me By Your Name Trailer is Now Out

We couldn't be more excited to see the film adaptation for the…
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Watch Danny Devito Play A Gay Elderly Man in Short Film

In Curmudgeons it's never too late for love Directed and produced…
Garrett Clayton - King Cobra (2016)

How to Watch King Cobra Now

Watch King Cobra On-Demand Now Click below to watch King…
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King Cobra is the "Boogie Nights" of Gay Porn

Disney Childhood Star Garret Clayton Portrays Porn Star Brent…
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Bianca del Rio Teaches for Her Life in "Hurricane Bianca"

Batten down the hatches, Hurricane Bianca and a host of drag…