Subtle Dildo

Can You Spot the Dildo In Each of These Instagram Pics?

Subtle Dildo is like Where's Waldo with a splash of Blue's Clues—but Waldo is a dildo.
trashy movies smart
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Like Trashy Movies? It's Probably Because You're Intelligent

Smart people love trashy movies because they're so bad; they're good
rupaul passover ruggadah haggadah
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RuPaul Retells the Story of Passover

The Passover story according to RuPaul
Hugh Jackman Taron Egerton Love

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton are the Perfect Couple

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton: A Love Story   Meet Taron…
Gay Black Santa Childrens' Book Santa's Husband
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Gay Black Santa to Star in New Children's Book

Gay Black Santa is Coming to Town With His New Boyfriend A new…
Coca-Cola Gay Ad Spot Pool Boy

The Whole Family Fights to Get with the Pool Boy

  Who will get the hunky pool-boy? Brother or Sister? Ads…
how bow dat
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Cash These Sexy Dancers Ousside. How Bow Dah?!

Drool. What a better way to show off CheapUndies's new collection…
Fairies Central Park

These 19 Cringey Selfie Fails Cannot Be Unseen

When you see it! Who doesn't love a good selfie, but some people…