Taiwan Gay Marriage
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Taiwan's Highest Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

A panel on Taiwan's highest court ruled that the current law…
Boy Butter Censorship Chicago
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Let Him Churn! Boy Butter Beats Anti-Gay Chicago Censorship

Comcast Chicago Reversed Its Anti-Gay Decision to Ban a Boy Butter Commercial of Seth Fornea Seductively Churning Butter
putin gay clown illegal trump unicorn
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We're Sharing Pics of Gay Putin in Makeup Because That's Now Illegal in Russia

It is illegal to share an image of Putin with makeup that implies that he's gay
Gay Voice - Opened his Mouth and a Purse Fell Out

Got a "Gay Voice?" It Can Cost You Money and Success & We're Not Having It!

Guys with a stereotypically "gay sounding" voice are likely to…
Matthew Phelps And Ben Schock, Gay Couple Engaged At White House, Marry In Seattle
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This is How Gay Marriage Could Be Eliminated in the USA

If you think marriage equality is forever, think again. We cannot and will not let this happen in the USA.