Cory dishes to OutBuzz on his life after Top Model, his inspirations, and what's next in the queer music scene

OutBuzz Exclusive: Cory Wade Reveals First Full-Length Studio Album, Unify

" femininity is where I find my strength, and it’s what drives everything that I do. I flaunt it because it makes me feel empowered."
corey johnson arrested

Kickass Gay Councilman Arrested Fighting for Our Rights in Washington

They were protesting the ObamaCare repeal effort Gay New York…
Chicago Dyke March

The Chicago Dyke March Has Lost the Narrative

The Chicago Dyke March organizers have decided that you cannot be both proudly gay and want to fight for those rights AND be pro-Israel.

Why Nepal Doesn't Need a Gay Pride March

In the 'West' LGBTI love Gay Pride March while in the 'East' we celebrate traditional festivals.
Coloring Men

Color Your Fantasy with this Coloring Book for Adults who Love Men

OutBuzz Releases First Edition Original Adult Coloring Book Get…
Feminizing the Masculine Man by Thomas Evans

Masc or Femme: Fighting Toxic Masculinity

This project doesn't have an answer; it's ambiguous and leads different people down different roads.

Goodbye Webster Hall, NYC Will Miss Your Grimy Hedonistic Glory!

Legendary Webster Hall is closing and will reopen as a sterilized…
Dead Man Found Steamworks Bath Chicago

Man Found Dead Inside Chicago Bath House—GHB Involved

A man was found dead inside Steamworks Bathhouse in Boystown…
Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI surrounded by Cardinals

Pope Enraged after Vatican Cops Bust Drug-Fueled Gay Sex Party

The Vatican is seeing red over the bust of a drug-fueled gay…
Brian Rafferty Dan Welden Proposal

Guy Proposes to His Boyfriend at NYC Pride and the Crowd Goes Wild!

Surrounded by family, friends and thousands of NYC Pride revelers, Brian got down on one knee and proposed to Dan.