Britney Spears Caused Israel to Reschedule Elections

Israel’s Labor party rescheduled elections because they clash with Britney Spears concert

Britney is going to perform for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 3rd, 2017. So powerful is Godney that the Israeli Labor party had to reschedule their party elections when they realized there was a conflict.

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The Labor party literally couldn’t even find enough security guards for the party election, a Labour Party spokesperson told the Times of Israel.

Madonna performing at HaYarkon Park in 2012

Madonna performing at HaYarkon Park in 2012

Although the Labour Party didn’t mention the all-mighty Godney by name, they did mention that it was due to a major event at HaYarkon Park—the same outdoor venue where she is performing.

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It has yet to be confirmed if Labour party officials will be attending her holiness’ performance.