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Someone Made a Hilarious “Unspirational” Instagram Account for People Who Loathe Inspirational Quotes

Meet “Unspirational.” Because inspirational posters are the worst. The world is saturated with tacky inspirational posters that have most likely never inspired anyone. Everywhere from guidance counselors’ offices, doctor’s waiting rooms, and your Facebook feed are flooded with these cheezeball images.     Some people hate these pieces of positive vibes so much that a […]

This Dancer Got Covered in Glitter and the Results Are Mesmorizing

Dancer Matthew Gibbs is hypnotic in holographic glitter Glitter spreads like a virus across this dancer’s body in British DJ Jacob Plant’s new video for About You featuring singer Maxime. In the end, he’s transformed into a holographic human disco ball. “The director and artist came up with the concept to make it appear as though […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Pens Powerful Note to Employees in Response to Charlottesville Violence

Openly Gay Apple CEO Tim Cook has no time for racists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Tim Cook did not mince his words in this note that he penned to Apple employees in response to the violence in Charlottesville. In the email obtained by Recode, Cook demands that all Apple employees—regardless of their political view—stand together […]