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Gaga Slays It in Carpool Karaoke!

Yasssss Gaga slayyyyy mama! Break out your pink Fedora, because Gaga is here to belt out all your favorites. We couldn’t think of a better passenger to have than Lada Gaga! She knows all the words to ever song and even yells at traffic!

Why Do Many Gay Men Suffer from Intimacy Issues?

It’s easy to blame dating apps like Scruff and Grindr but that’s not the whole story. Nick Fager,MHC-LP, a gay psychotherapist who specializes in LGBT issues, discusses why intimacy problems are prevalent among gay men and how they stem from the way we were raised and our experiences. We as gay men have a lot […]

Are Gays Lacing Halloween Candies with Homosexual-Inducing Drugs?

Warning: Eating this candy will turn even the straightest staunchest Trump supporter into a raging homosexual! This was initially reported by Liberal Darkness The CDC has reported a widespread gay predatory threat that may happen at either private or corporate Halloween parties. According to inside sources, ‘lone straights’  are vulnerable to gays who are into them and offer them […]

Tom Daley – He Is Sexy And He Knows It

Everyone loves Tom Daley – Everyone. And who wouldn’t love this British bundle of joy?  Tom Daley is super cute, talented, funny, has a great body, and is a world famous athlete.  Oh, and did we mention that he is SUPER CUTE? This video features Daley and his Team Great Britain teammates letting off some […]