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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Poppers

You’ve probably used Poppers (many, many times) or slept with someone who has. But how much do you reeeeeally know about this little genie in a bottle?   1. What exactly are Poppers Anyway? Besides being a magical liquid that comes in a brightly colored bottle and makes bottoming possible for everyone, “Amyl nitrite, also […]

DJ Felipe Lira Takes it All Off For NYC Photoshoot (SFW)

International DJ Felipe Lira wears his birthday suit at NYC photoshoot. During his last trip to NYC, the super sexy São Paulo-based DJ Felipe Lira served sick beats on a packed dance floor. Before leaving the Big Apple, Felipe served photographer Giuliano Correia all the looks. Felipe recently teamed up with American Gospel singer Patricia Edwards for the smash circuit anthem Lovin’ Me […]

5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Laser Off That Frat Tat

Remember that morning back in college when you were hung over and discovered in the mirror that while you were black-out drunk you got a tribal tattoo of the sun around your belly button? ‘Member? Well It’s time to say goodbye. Bill Moore from Advanced Skin Fitness in Dallas chimes in to debunk those myths that […]

Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual ‘Manwhores’ Are Tearing Our Cities Apart

Beware the Viscious Manwhores Shouting Obscenities! Satire site, HardDawn.com had us lolzing up our nonfat pumpkinspice lattes while reading this article about the emerging manwhore epidemic sweeping the country. These are the so-called “manwhores,” a new breed of radical homosexual degenerates who pursue carnal chaos with a shocking ferocity. They gather at dive bars where they swap boys, […]

Prince Charming Spoof is Funnier Than The TV Version

It’s always best to be yourself on date right? Jimmy Fowlie of Go-Go Boy Interrupted and comedian Tom Lenk join Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming” as two campy contestants.  The duo dish out TMI and talk about cat allergies, a mom that just passed away, lactose intolerance and unemployment.

Math Prof. Pietro Boselli Fully Nude in Photoshoot

Photographer Philippe Vogelenzang strips Pietro Boselli nude for a editorial in Ladies magazine Math Professor Pietro Boselli drops his drawers and goes nude for his latest photoshoot in Ladies magazine. Previously we got a look at the Italian muscle nerd in an saliva inducing underwear shoot by Daniel Jaems in Attitude magazine.   Now Pietro ditches the underwear poses nude with […]