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Do You Know Who John Oliver Is? What about Wendy Williams?

He Tried It! Gay Guys in NYC Just Don’t Care John Oliver may have won an Emmy, but that doesn’t mean that the gay men of NYC know who he is! In the segment TruTV’s Billy Eichner in his show Billy on the Street goes around Chelsea asking if guys their opinions of John Oliver while John is standing […]

This New Subway Mosaic of a Gay Couple Holding Hands is a Big Deal

The Anxiously Awaited 2nd Avenue Subway is Set to Open With a First in NYC Public Art—Gay Men in a Non-Political Theme The photorealistic mosaic of a gay couple at the 72nd Street station of the new 2nd Avenue subway is the first permanent, nonpolitical LGBTQ public art in all of New York City, Jonathan David Katz […]

This Chord is Mariah Carey’s Secret Christmas Weapon

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Uses this Classic Christmas Chord You know it’s Christmastime when you hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” everywhere you go. It’s the most popular Christmas songs in America that was released in the last few decades. So what makes this song so special and “Christmassy?” […]

This Is How the “World’s Strongest Boy” Little Hercules Looks Now

‘Member “Little Hercules,” AKA “World’s Strongest Boy?” This is what unexpectedly happened to him. You’ve seen the pictures, you were shocked at his ridic ripped physique, and admit it, you were kinda a little bit jealous. You might know him as “Little Hercules” or “The World’s Strongest Boy,” the name of a documentary about him. […]

Straight Guys That Gay Flirt

We think this video is really funny – and SOOOOO true – its from a YouTube series called SteamRoomStories about funny and somewhat awkward moments in the steam room and this one called ‘Straight Guys That Gay Flirt’ is definitely one that we can relate to. We have often been at the gym and feel […]

Boy Radio Serves Barbie Realness in His Catchy New Video

Boy Radio Lives Your Barbie Girl Fantasies C’mon Barbie, let’s go party! This new jam appropriately called, Let’s Go (Party!), is out in time for the holidays and is sure to put a smile on your 2016-jaded face. The 90’s cult favorite Barbie Girl by Aqua that we all grew up dancing to meets Grace Jones fashion-forward […]