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Have You Ever Crossed Tickle Cock Bridge or Visited Twat? Rude!

Rude Place Names Across the World Apparently the world is full of filthy place names. Have you visited Twat, Scotland or passed under Tickle Cock Bridge in England? Perhaps you’ve ascended Cat’s Dingleberry peak in Canada? Or maybe you’ve been inside Anus, France? North America Is Rife with Rude Place Names! Bob’s Knob? Dickshooter?!  Ticklenaked Pond! […]

“Esteros” Intimately Explores the Boyhood of Two Chance Reunited Friends

Esteros intimately explores the tender boyhood relationship between two friends that are reunited after more than ten years and the unresolved tensions that resurface. Esteros is the debut film of  gay Argentinian director Papu Curotto Esteros is a beautifully shot film that explores the tension caused by being caught between two worlds. The film weaves together the past and […]

Anti-Gay Protestors Crash PWR BTTM Queer Punk Show

PWR BTTM:  “It won’t deter us, nothing will” PWR BTTM, queer punk duo of Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins, had unexpected guests last night at their show in Jackson, Mississippi. Christian protestors held anti-gay signs with welcoming, love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself slogans like, “You will be cast into the lake of fire!” PWR BTTM told Spin that they saw […]

Bill Pryor, Anti-Gay Trump SCOTUS Nominee, Allegedly Did Gay Pornography

Bill Pryor, US Judge on Trump’s Shortlist for the US Supreme Court, allegedly did pornography.   This post is slightly NSFW but contains no nudity.   Back in 1997, solo pornographic photos of virulently anti-LGBT William H. Pryor Jr., surfaced on badpuppy.com. In the image (at the bottom and definitely NSFW) Bill Pryor is posing completely nude and […]

New Simple Cure Found for Low Libido

If your libido hasn’t been peak, new light therapy treatment may help. A new study shows that “light therapy” may kick a low sex drive into high gear. Scientists discovered that regular, early-morning, use of a light-box led both to increased testosterone levels and greater reported levels of sexual satisfaction! This is the same light used to […]