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It’s Time for a Rainbow Crosswalk in NYC

Just last week Atlanta Mayor announced a permanent rainbow sidewalk in downtown Atlanta. Rainbow crosswalks in West Hollywood appear in so many selfies they’ve become cliché. So why not New York, where the gay rights movement began? New York has had rainbow crosswalks in the past, but they were never permanent. Mayor De Blasio, this […]

Folsom Street East Photos

These photos from Folsom Street East show another side of the rainbow. Folsom Street East Celebrates 20 Years of Kink.   Next Pictures are Slightly NSFW Folsom Street East is an annual street festival in New York that celebrates and inspires participation and pride in fetish, kink, and LGBTQ communities through the creation of safe spaces […]

Let’s Cancel Gay Pride—Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny doesn’t think you deserve to celebrate Pride Following the outcries over the two stripes on the pride flag, which brought out the ugliest in some people, and other petty divisive fighting, Lady Bunny said to cancel Pride. Let’s be real. This isn’t about adding two stripes to a flag—it’s about people’s inner ugly. […]