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14+ of the Best Beards from the 2017 World Beard And Moustache Championship

These hirsute heroes love getting into a hairy situation. Facial hair clubs around the world have been celebrating the art of growing facial hair since the 1970s. To celebrate their hirsute endeavors, facial hair enthusiasts started giving out medals for the hairy best in show. The weekend the bearded and their admirers converged in Austin, […]

These Tat Fails Will Make You Cringe and Lolz

Remember that morning back in college when you were hung over and discovered in the mirror that while you were black-out drunk you got a tribal tattoo of the sun around your belly button? ‘Member? Well It’s time to say goodbye. 1. Laser Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Leave a Scar Don’t fret about that frat tat, laser tattoo […]

Meet the 22-year-old Hunk Who’s Making Us Hungary

David Sipka is a 22-year-old Hungarian Hunk of Steel He may be only 22-years-old but he’s already giving us daddy issues. Woof! From Budapes, Hungary, David Sipka started working out three years ago and has made quite a transformation since. “My hobby is of course bodybuilding and fitness,” David told OutBuzz. Currently he’s working as […]